Inova launches the SaaS version of its partnering software, hosted by Interoute

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The new version offers Inova clients better performance, greater flexibility and lower costs
London - UK – September 30th, 2014 – Interoute, owner operator of Europe's largest network and a global cloud services platform, today announced that Inova has chosen Interoute's cloud solutions to securely host the SaaS version of its partnering management software.
For 13 years, Inova has been helping its clients - life science and pharmaceutical companies as well as industry leaders in high tech, energy and consumer goods- to find and evaluate business opportunities, sign deals and manage alliances. To optimise performance for its users and to position itself at the cutting-edge of technology, Inova has embarked on a new project: the launch of a Software as a Service version of its solutions, with redesigned architecture and ergonomics, hosted by Interoute to ensure the security of sensitive data.
"Our customers have been waiting for this new SaaS version. They want to use our tools under the best possible conditions, even when on the move." explains Rémi Pochat, IT Corporate Hosting & Integration Manager from Inova. "Because Interoute is not only a hosting company but also a proprietary network operator, our solutions will have an even higher level of performance. We have already seen from our customers that the new architecture's response time is 3 to 5 times faster. We will gain in roll-out speed and flexibility. Updates will be made in real-time, ensuring the ease of use of our users, who can quickly use them on dedicated iPhone and iPad apps."
Existing Inova customers are excited to migrate to the SaaS version, because new modules will be available on the new architecture. One of most eagerly-awaited modules is the scouting module, which will make it easier to explore partnering opportunities when on the move. This feature is vital at the many conferences and seminars organised for networking purposes, particularly for pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology companies.
For Inova, the partnership with Interoute truly adds value to its offer which claims to be more secure and efficient than ever. With the most advanced security certification (ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 and PCI-DSS) the Geneva data centre has been chosen to host and geotag these solutions based on a platform that combines the robustness of the private cloud and the flexibility of the public cloud. This same data centre hosts the data of many bank customers, reinforcing Interoute's reputation for security.
"We know that security is paramount for Inova customers and their IT departments which pay special attention to access control and data confidentiality. As an owner of our network and our data centres, Interoute provides Inova and its customers with a guarantee of optimal security and end-to-end control because no intermediary is used." assures Jean-Pierre Tournemaine, General Manager Interoute France.
For customers, performance is guaranteed within an infrastructure controlled by Inova. In addition, customers benefit from reduced IT infrastructure costs.
Today, thanks to the architecture established by Interoute and the flexibility of its Cloud, Inova will experience no capacity limits. The leading partnering management software provider is fully satisfied with this collaboration and is already planning to entrust new projects to Interoute.
About Inova
Inova optimizes partnering activities. With modules dedicated to each phase of the partnering lifecycle, its software helps scout business developers and alliance managers, find and evaluate opportunities, sign deals and manage alliances. Currently, Inova employs around fifty people with a portfolio of over 50 clients ranked among the world's largest 1000 group. Inova's clients include over 50% of the top 20 pharma companies, over 30 midsize pharmas and biotechs, as well as industry leaders in high tech, energy and consumer goods. For more information, visit
About Interoute
Interoute Communications Limited is the owner operator of Europe's largest cloud services platform, which encompasses over 60,000 km of lit fibre, 11 data centres, 8 Virtual Data Centres and 31 collocation centres, with connections to 140 additional third-party data centres across Europe. Its full-service Unified ICT platform serves international enterprises, as well as every major European telecommunications incumbent and the major operators of North America, East and South Asia, governments and universities. These organisations find Interoute the ideal partner for computing, connectivity and communications and developing new services. Its Unified ICT strategy has proved attractive to enterprises looking for a scalable, secure and unconstrained platform on which they can build their voice, video, computing and data services, as well as service providers in need of high capacity international data transit and infrastructure. With established operations throughout mainland Europe, North America and Dubai, Interoute also owns and operates dense city networks throughout Europe's major business centres.

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