Inova releases new Outlook integration that simplifies key partnering tasks

Published on Oct 29, 2015

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New integration makes it faster and easier for Inova users to create opportunities and contacts from Outlook
Inova has released a new, more powerful Outlook Addin that makes key partnering tasks faster and easier for users. The Outlook Addin enables Inova users to push emails to the Inova Deals & Alliances modules and create a new opportunity or attach the email, including its attachments, to the relevant opportunity or contact. The new release enhances the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the Outlook Addin by streamlining tasks and adding a brand new ribbon to Outlook.
This latest release enables users to:

  • Create a contact directly from Outlook: Users now have the ability to create a new contact in Inova D&A directly from Outlook by extracting contact information from an email
  • Create opportunities more quickly: The release makes it even faster to create a new opportunity while pushing an email and its attachments to Inova Deals & Alliances
  • Combine Thomson Cortellis and Outlook: As in previous versions, the Outlook Addin is compatible with Cortellis. Thomson Cortellis users can easily import Cortellis asset information into Inova Deals & Alliances while simultaneously pushing emails from Outlook
  • Leverage an Inova Outlook ribbon: The brand new Inova Outlook ribbon puts all of these features front and center, in an easy-to-access tab in Outlook

The New Inova Outlook Ribbon

The New Inova Outlook Ribbon

Inova CEO, Gilles Toulemonde, commented that, “Partnering generates an enormous amount of data. It’s tedious to manage, but critical for finding and winning the right deals. With previous versions of the Outlook Addin, we were able to reduce data entry for users, which improved data quality and streamlined daily tasks. Now, thanks to feedback from our clients, we've developed a new version that makes these routine tasks as simple and quick as possible, so users can spend their time on more important things.”

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