What's new in Inova: October 2018

Published on Oct 30, 2018
What's new in Inova: October 2018

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Welcome to the October newsletter!
This month we’re looking at two new and updated features that save you a lot of time and headache: the Due Diligence Room and the EBD Meeting Import.
The Due Diligence Room enables you to manage all of your internal reviews during the due diligence process directly within Inova. It’s fast, easy and secure.
We have also updated the EBD Meeting Import capability, improving its look and feel while also ensuring that it continues to work with the new PartneringONE. If you are attending BIO-Europe next week, you will be able to import all of your company’s meetings directly into Inova in seconds!

The New Due Diligence Room

The Inova Community has identified due diligence as one of the most critical and complex processes to manage when evaluating an opportunity. It is a fast paced, high pressure project. As soon as the starting pistol bangs, everyone must contribute their expertise to quickly, but accurately, determine the opportunity’s pros, cons, assumptions, and risks. On top of this, due diligence is by nature a very sensitive topic, making confidentiality key.
That’s why Inova has launched a new module, the Due Diligence Room. It is your secure place for managing internal reviews during the due diligence process. Instead of setting up an external solution and transferring information back and forth, keep everything in your Inova partnering platform.
Inova due diligence room
Continue reading to discover how this module works.

How the Due Diligence Room Works

To use this new module, simply advance your opportunity to the due diligence milestone and create a new due diligence. This will generate a dedicated space where you can upload templates and invite your internal experts.
For internal experts, the Due Diligence Room provides a simple, streamlined experience. They are automatically notified by email about the new room and how to access it. When they log into Inova, they immediately see their due diligences, access documents or VDR (if any), and can start their review.
For the manager, this module is a secure and fast way to conduct the due diligence. The room is set up in just a few clicks and only accessible by invited colleagues. Once the process is complete, the room is closed and the documents are automatically stored with the associated opportunity. You can also create a consolidated report, providing an overview of everyone’s answers for quick referral. There’s no risk of losing information or documents, and no risk of an information leak. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.
To learn more about the Due Diligence Room contact your Customer Success Manager or request a demo.

The EBD Meeting Import

The EBD Meeting Import feature enables you to quickly import your meetings from all EBD events. This feature has been updated to fit changes to EBD’s conference meeting system and will be available next week at the start of BIO-Europe.
To import your meetings from BIO-Europe, download the Excel file from the message center. Then in Inova, open the conference and import this file. Because the Excel file is in a recognized format, contacts and companies are automatically created or linked to existing ones, and scheduled meetings are imported.
To view the full list of conferences we connect with, please visit here.

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