Accelerate more of the right leads

Lead Space

With an overwhelming number of assets to explore and places to find them, your S&E team doesn’t have time to waste on duplicate efforts or leads that aren’t aligned with your company’s strategy. As competition grows, everyone is on the hunt for the most promising assets and innovative partners. Speed is essential and productivity is key.

Built for teams responsible for the S&E of external innovation opportunities, Lead Space empowers more focus, efficiency and collaboration.

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A Collaborative Workspace for
All Your Pre-CDA Activities

Leverage company-wide expertise for better, faster business decisions

Boost efficiency with S&E workflows, features & data integrations

Improve visibility by tracking & managing all leads in one place

Promote collaboration for team alignment & knowledge sharing

Clearly communicate company &TA goals to guide day-to-day activities

Seamlessly connected to the Inova Partnering Platform, Opportunity Portal, One-on-One Platform™ & Cortellis

Track and Manage Everything in One Place

Create a central knowledge base and single source of truth for all your early stage partnering leads. Get a clear overview of pre-CDA activities and increase visibility among teams by breaking down communication and data silos.