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Scale up your partnering activities

As your company scales up and your partnering activities grow, the
pressure intensifies on your partnering processes and tools.

Negative Emoji Without a dedicated tool

Ad-hoc systems quickly hit their limits. Digging through multiple Excel files, emails, computer hard drives, and shared folders is time-consuming and frustrating.

Positive emoji With a partnering CRM

A partnering CRM provides a fast, easy way to store, share, and leverage all of your partnering data. It’s a scalable solution, allowing you to start small and expand as your needs grow.

The partnering CRM for biotechs

Lead Management

Invest your time on the most-promising leads

Business Development

Effectively manage your opportunities

Investor Relations

Spend more time attracting the right investors

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Customer Case Study

TScan, a Biotech with Innovative Discovery Platform, uses Inova for Partnering Project Management

"Inova is like a one-stop-shop. All our partnering information is in one spot and easy to find. I don’t have to go to five different shared drives to find what I need."

Bill Desmarais
Bill DesmaraisChief Business OfficerTScan Therapeutics
Use Case

Effortlessly import your conference meetings into Inova

Inova develops the One-on-One Partnering™ platform that you know and use at the BIO Convention. It was a no-brainer to connect our products and make your life easier.

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Why our customers love Inova


Inova bridges the challenge of two externally-facing function within AstraZeneca, R&D and Business Development, and gets them operating in a seamless fashion: the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.

Helen SmithBusiness Operations Manager

We use Inova as our exclusive tool for BD&L project management and reporting, resulting in high quality data and deal flow. We enjoy working with Inova’s experts and solutions, they continue to exceed our expectations.

Cornelius KurzGlobal Project Manager BD&L

I wanted a solution for my Technology Scouting team that required minimal IT involvement. The BD and AM teams were already using Inova and happy with it. I am very glad we also chose Inova, it’s intuitive and easy-to-use.

Janet HallidayAssociate Vice President, FCT & External Technologies

Inova has enabled Lilly to standardize processes, enable more consistent data across the entire External Innovation community and place data more directly into the hands of business development leadership.

Darren CarrollSenior Vice President, Corporate Business Development
Novo Nordisk

Inova is built exactly for what we do, pharma partnering. It helps us work together as one company.

Neil AndersonSearch & Evaluation Director

Inova puts the information I need at my fingertips, helping me decide which partner is the best fit for my product portfolio.

Claudio VeronesiEuropean Distributors Business Manager

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