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Inova offers pre-built and custom integrations to connect your everyday tools and provide a clear overview of your partnering activities.

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Accelerate your partnering activities with Inova's integrations

Pre-built integrationsWe offer pre-configured integrations to help you boost productivity and broaden your sources of leads while working with the Inova Partnering CRM.

Custom integrationsSpecific integrations can enhance your Inova experience and improve your business efficiency. Connect to your everyday tools and databases: ERP, business intelligence softwares, external specialized databases and more.

Evaluate Pharma

Enrich your opportunities with the latest intelligence from Evaluate Pharma.


Outlook Add-in

Securely sync and store your biopharma partnering emails directly from your mailbox.


BIO Connector

Import your meeting data from must-attend conferences such as BIO International Convention, BIO-Europe or BIO at JP Morgan.


Inova Data

Create opportunities in seconds with Inova Data, our proprietary database of curated company and asset profiles.

Enhance your Inova experience and improve your business efficiency

Increase productivityManual data entry is always painful – but especially when the same data must be input into multiple systems. Enable your tools to seamlessly work together to streamline your workflow, save time and avoid any data discrepancies.

Get more out of InovaDo more with the Inova Partnering CRM by enabling increased functionality and leveraging external sources of data to accelerate your partnering activities.

Generate better insights from your reports and analyticsPutting your data in one place makes it easier to leverage for reporting. Get a more complete picture, help fuel data-driven decisions, and improve your understanding of your overall partnering journey.

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Evaluate Pharma integration
BIO-connector Integration
Outlook Add-in Integration

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BIO Connector: Effortlessly import your conference meetings into Inova

Inova BIO Connector saves you weeks of time by updating automatically the biopharma conferences data in our partnering platform. See how you can convert immediately your pharma conference leads into opportunities.


5 Keys to Optimizing Your Business Development Activities

"To find the right partnerships, biopharmaceutical companies must evaluate hundreds of external innovations and negotiate complex deals, all while managing internal resources efficiently."

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