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TScan, a Biotech with Innovative Discovery Platform, uses Inova for Partnering Project Management




The company

TScan is dedicated to creating life-changing T cell therapies for patients by unleashing the untapped potential of the human immune system. TScan discovers and develops novel TCR-engineered T cell therapies for the treatment of cancer. Their discovery platform is centered around a breakthrough technology that enables the rapid, comprehensive, and genome-wide identification of the peptide antigen targets of T cell receptors. TScan uses their platform in oncology to discover new TCR/target pairs and to rapidly move them into clinical development.

The challenge

Partnering plays a strategic role in supporting and advancing TScan’s discovery and development activities. TScan leverages in & out-licensing as well as R&D collaborations to access enabling technologies and expertise. Previously, partnering information was scattered across shared drives, Sharepoint sites, emails, and spreadsheets. It was time-consuming to find the history of the company’s previous interactions with potential partners, particularly with people arriving and leaving as the company grows, and difficult to get an overview of ongoing discussions and next steps.

The solution

TScan selected Inova’s Partnering Platform to track partnering opportunities, create institutional knowledge and break down information silos. Inova’s fully scalable solution is dedicated to biopharma partnering. Standardized fields provide structure to partnering information, while dedicated workflows bring visibility into the status of each opportunity. Inova covers the entire partnering lifecycle, from the first interaction through due diligence and deal-signing to managing the alliance. It offers clear insights into their partnering activities every step of the way.

The benefits

The TScan team spends less time and effort when searching for partnering information, has a direct line of sight into ongoing discussions and coordinates more efficiently across the team. In just a few clicks, TScan finds all information related to a partnership, project, or alliance, including its status and next steps. With everything stored in one secure place, TScan creates and protects corporate memory while also building a clear overview of all partnering activities.

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“Inova is like a one-stop-shop. All our partnering information is in one spot and easy to find. I don’t have to go to five different shared drives to find what I need.”

Bill Desmarais
Bill DesmaraisChief Business OfficerTScan Therapeutics

Searching for Enabling Technologies & Partners

Development in the cell therapy space requires a great deal of technology. As an innovative biotech developing T cell therapies, TScan is constantly looking for new technologies and partners able to advance their technologies through in and out-licensing as well as R&D collaborations. TScan has a proprietary platform technology, develops their own therapeutics, and opened their own GMP manufacturing plant in late 2021 to support clinical trial studies for their lead programs. Potential partners include other biopharma companies as well as academic labs.

Smarter Data Management

TScan stores all their partnering information in Inova, including emails, meetings, discussion notes, asset and technology information, and important documents such as CDAs and agreements. Since Inova is specialized for the biopharma industry, the Partnering Platform comes preconfigured for industry-specific data, such as asset phase and therapeutic area. Easy-to-use filters and the search function make finding the right information fast.
Features such as Inova’s Outlook Add-in and the BIO Connector make it easy to add information into Inova in just a few clicks. As a result, important partnering information is both easy to find and securely stored.

“Inova is like a one-stop-shop. All our partnering information is in one spot and easy to find. I don’t have to go to five different shared drives to find what I need.”

Bill Desmarais
Bill DesmaraisChief Business OfficerTScan Therapeutics

Dedicated Project Management for Biopharma Partnering

Inova does not simply store information, it helps biopharma companies better manage their partnerships throughout the partnering lifecycle. With many ongoing conversations and partnering opportunities, TScan uses Inova’s dedicated workflows and information tracking capabilities to manage each project efficiently.
Standard workflows include in-licensing, out-licensing, and R&D collaboration projects, and come with default milestones and activities. Workflows not only add structure to opportunities but make it easy to see the status in once glance.
At TScan, this visibility has increased transparency across the team and helped ensure that everyone is on the same page. For management, it offers a clear line of sight into ongoing activities. Since all information is stored in Inova, it creates an archive of their partnering projects whether they are ultimately declined or turned into an ongoing collaboration.

“I use Inova every day, even if it’s just a quick glance to see how conversations are progressing, or which Joint Steering Committees I need to prepare for. It provides a direct line of sight into what my direct reports are doing and gives an overview of all our partnering activities.”

Bill Desmarais
Bill DesmaraisChief Business OfficerTScan Therapeutics

Proactive Alliance Management

TScan also uses Inova to efficiently manage their agreements and alliances, including payments, nonfinancial obligations, and joint steering committee information. Using alerts, TScan automatically receives an email reminding them of upcoming obligations or CDAs approaching their expiration date. Carefully tracking this information helps TScan be a proactive partner and provide a full record of all their current and former partnerships.


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Why our customers love Inova


Inova bridges the challenge of two externally-facing function within AstraZeneca, R&D and Business Development, and gets them operating in a seamless fashion: the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.

Helen SmithBusiness Operations Manager

We use Inova as our exclusive tool for BD&L project management and reporting, resulting in high quality data and deal flow. We enjoy working with Inova’s experts and solutions, they continue to exceed our expectations.

Cornelius KurzGlobal Project Manager BD&L

I wanted a solution for my Technology Scouting team that required minimal IT involvement. The BD and AM teams were already using Inova and happy with it. I am very glad we also chose Inova, it’s intuitive and easy-to-use.

Janet HallidayAssociate Vice President, FCT & External Technologies

Inova has enabled Lilly to standardize processes, enable more consistent data across the entire External Innovation community and place data more directly into the hands of business development leadership.

Darren CarrollSenior Vice President, Corporate Business Development
Novo Nordisk

Inova is built exactly for what we do, pharma partnering. It helps us work together as one company.

Neil AndersonSearch & Evaluation Director

Inova puts the information I need at my fingertips, helping me decide which partner is the best fit for my product portfolio.

Claudio VeronesiEuropean Distributors Business Manager

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